Finnish rye spirit takes gold at international competition.

Juuri Rye is a clear, unaged spirit, essentially whiskey that hasn’t been in a barrel yet but won gold in Whisky category at International Spirit Awards earlier this month.


Made with 100 % rye malt, the Finnish Kyrö Distillery has put this spirit on the market to give us a taste of their final whiskey. As defined in EU law, a whiskey has to be stored at least 3 years in oak barrels in order to be designated as whiskey, so  the first bottles will be released next year.

Regarding flavour, Juuri demonstrates a strong rye aroma, as well as fine light touches of liquorice and anise, which makes it closer to grappa than an oak aged whisky.  The spirit is characterized by a malty sweetness and the spiciness of rye. Already a strong hint of what the finished whiskey will be like. The aftertaste evokes traditional Finnish rye bread.

Juuri means “origin” in Finnish, a fitting name for what will go on to become The Kyrö distillery’s finished Finnish rye whiskey – the country’s first.


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