Jean Fillioux XO Impérial

cognac-jean-fillioux-xo-imperialFounded in 1880 by Honore Fillioux, the La Pouyade estate is located in the heart of Grand Champagne in the Golden Triangle, a region bounded by the villages of Verrieres, Angeac Champagne and Juillac le Coq. The age-old chalk and clay soil is well-known for producing high quality fruit, which the Fillioux family has used to create exceptional eaux-de-vie for five generations.

The house of Jean Fillioux has not simply been producing Cognacs: it has developed both a philosophy and an Art form as well. Five generations have devoted and still devote their lives, with talent, love and passion, offering a demanding clientele exceptional cognacs.

This XO Impérial is bottled in crystal decanters by the famous company Villeroy & Boch.  Noble, classical, surround with stunning aroma and taste, magnificent amber – this is a very old cognac wich combines the power with elegance.


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