National Bourbon Day

National Bourbon DayIf you can’t think of a better way to spend this day than drinking a bourbon, well you’ll have company. Today is National Bourbon Day.

Though it bears the name of the eponymous Bourbon County, bourbon whiskey can be produced legally anywhere in the United States. The fact is, despite owning 95% of production, there are several states that distill bourbon outside of Kentucky, including Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia etc.

Differing from Canadian whisky, bourbon production is occupied with a series of regulations that oversee distilled proofing, age proofing, water source, wood, aging, composition of grain mixtures and the integrity of no added color or flavor.

Bourbon’s sweeter nature correlates to the use of corn in the mash. Regulations specify corn must be at least 51% of the grain used. The other ingredients include rye, wheat and malted barely.

Perhaps as important as the grains is the charred new American oak used to age these whiskeys, which gives off intoxicating smoky aromas and added notes of caramel and spice.


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