The Baptism Of Coffee

The Baptism Of CoffeeCoffee has been around since the 9th century, when Islamic shepherds first noticed coffee beans having a stimulating effect on their sheep. After Islamic clerics learned how to cultivate the beans, coffee spread throughout the Muslim world, becoming a wildly popular.
When coffee was first brought to Christian Europe, it was greeted with a great deal of suspicion since it was the drink of the Muslim infidels with whom Christians had been at war for centuries. Some even went so far to call this exotic beverage “Satan’s drink.”
Inevitably, coffee made its way to the Vatican, where it was introduced to Pope Clement VIII. While many of his advisors clamored for the Pope to ban the controversial drink, he refused to do so before trying it himself. The pope tasted the coffee beverage and found it to be delicious. Instead of banning coffee the Pope gave it Papal approval and declared that not only those who misbelieve should be allowed to enjoy coffee.
The Pope was considered to have “baptized” coffee, thus officially approving it as a beverage for Christians. After this event Catholics widely accepted the beverage and coffee consumption increased rather quickly.


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