The Macallan 65

Aged65_MainImage_transparentLast week The Macallan held its annual charity event at the Singapore Island Country Club  and in the same event was launched the sixth and final whisky, The Macallan 65 Years Old in Lalique, a speciality French crystal maker that also has a long history (starting in 1888). This whisky is not only the oldest in the series, but the oldest whisky ever bottled by The Macallan, and the final release from the “Six Pillars Collection” which began in 2005.

The Macallan 65 year old is a single malt aged in sherry-seasoned oak casks and possessing a dark walnut color and an ABV of 46.3%, with aroma of honey-dipped vanilla mingles with cinnamon and dates. Medium body with hints of black pepper, cloves and toasted cocoa beans, this whisky is limited to just 450 individually numbered decanters that are valued at 32.000€



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