Suitable Drinks To Tapas

Spain is picking food promised land. Typical tapas are different kinds of hams, cheeses, olives, bread with tomato mess, tapenade, fried fish, marinated seafood, potato omelette and cooked vegetables.


Wheat beer or light lagers with little bitterness is never wrong. That bitterness will be small because many tapas (olives, tapenade, anchovies and seafood) contain basic taste, umami, which enhances the beer’s bitterness. The carbon dioxide and the fresh, mild flavor in the beer are also facing food flavors and textures in a good way.

Rosé wines with low sweetness and fruit acid, suited to different kinds of tapas. The acid in the food makes the wine is perceived fruitier and food saltiness pulls down the freshness of the wine.

Sparkling is also well suited to tapas. It need not be cava, Spain’s answer to champagne, but the wine should be flavorful and richer style. The bubbles relieves both acid, umami and salt in the food.

Choose a dry sherry, the drink, with its aromas of apples and nuts, fits most tapas dishes. The acid in the food also makes the sherry is perceived as fruitier.




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