Suitable Drinks To Thai Food

ebe300eb7265a655b82277e77dfb39f3Thailand mixes the best of its neighbors – the wok from China and spices from India, and the cuisine is incredibly flavorful. Here you have the heat from the chilli, acid from the lime juice, the sweetness of sugar and coconut milk, and a lot of umami from the traditional fish sauce.

In dishes with coconut milk you can choose a sweet white wine, because is reduces the heat. The sweetness calms down the heat, and the heat of the food pulls down the sweetness of the wine. For those who want to emphasize the flavors, a pinot gris or Gewürztraminer work very well. Wines with high acidity and sweetness are better suited to acidic dishes, as the Yam salads or dishes with lime or tamarind.
The red wine doesn’t mix well withThai food. Tannins react badly with the spice and the alcohol enhances the heat of the food.

Yeasty beers like hefeweizen, witbier, saison, and golden Belgian ales make perfect partners for Thai food.  Light citric acidity adds additional balance and pulls out that subtle hint of lime in the dish. These beers also tend to be highly carbonated, giving them extra palate-cleansing power. Bitterness and carbonation turn up the heat and clear away the oil. Lager beers offers light, malty sweetness, moderate to low bitterness and the American pale ales bitterness and crisp carbonation.


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