Hugo Spritz

Hugo Sprits.In the autumn of 2005 Roland Gruber is mixing for the first time a Hugo Spritz in San Zeno Wine and Cocktail Bar, Naturno. The beverage is similar to the white wine spritzer wich in Austria is served as Emperor Gespritzter with elderflower syrup and sparkling wine. The name ‘Otto’ was originally chosen at random by Roland however he didn’t like how it sounded and so changed it to ‘Hugo’.
Hugo Spritz is a light and refreshing cocktail, that reminds of the classic cuban drink, Mojito. It can be served alone or is also qualified as an appetizer for a  summer menu.

Author: Emilian Tihi

Glass: White wine glass
Method: Build
Garnish: Mint spring and carambola

5cl Bols elderflower
15cl Loredan Gasparini Asolo Prosecco
1cl fresh lime juice
Fresh mint

In a pre-chilled white wine glass combine all the ingredients and top up with soda. Garnish with mint spring and a carambola slice.


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