Paparuda ChardonnayThe Paparuda is an ancient Romanian rain ritual performed either in the Spring or in times of severe drought. Wearing a skirt of knitted vines, a dancing girl is accompanied through the village by singing, shouting locals intent on securing fertility for the season ahead.
Bordering the Black Sea, Romania is the cradle of the ancient wine making world. God of Wine Bacchus is reputed to have be a local of the region. Cramele Recas vineyards are grown on a site that has been cultivated since at least 1447.
Feteasca regala is a hybrid variety created in 1930, a cross of Grasa and Feteasca Alba. It’s a grape that is rarely seen outside of Romania. It’s mostly used for making dry and crisp whites.


Grape: Feteasca Regala
Year: 2014
Origin: Cramele Recas
Colour: Pale yellow and limpid
Bouquet: Tart, pear, ripe citrus, light peach, delicately spicy
Taste: Peachy light and delicately spicy, fruity and slightly sweet

Ideally wine to chicken, turkey, pasta and pizza, savoury snacks, salads and vegetarian food.



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