Kaljakellunta – Beer Floating


10a01cb35091d22a0eb4978ae251e491Kaljakellunta or ”Beer floating” is a festival organised every summer, where thousands of people float down the Vantaa/Kerava river in random inflatable boats and rafts, drinking beer.
The event , wich this year took place on 30th of July, have no official organiser, but it’s popularity has been growing each year and has gained plenty of international attention in the recent years, therefore the amount of tourists attending has increased significantly as well.
However, since Kaljakellunta has no official organiser, it is practically impossible for authorities to ban the event. In Finland there is no law against unorganised public gatherings, and accesss to the river cannot be prohibited thanks to the Finnish “Every man’s law ” meaning that anyone may walk, swim, ski or cycle freely in the countryside where this does not harm the natural environment.


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