Piedemonte Reserva


Piedemonte was founded in 1993 by several families who have vineyards around Olite, in the center of the wine region Navarra.
Piedemonte means ‘at the foot of the mountains’ because the winery is located where the wide river landscape of the Ebro in northern passes in the mountains.
Moreover Piedemonte has developed one of the most modern equipment for analysis of the grapes during harvest. The grapes are analyzed and evaluated in a few seconds to 14 parameters.
With these benefits it is no surprise that the wines from Piedemonte have many awards and were highly rated.


Grape:  Merlot, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon
Year: 2o11
Origin: Navarra, Spain
Color: Ruby red colour with light russet hues.
Bouquet: Clean and intense, with a complexity that harmoniously combines the spicy bouquets that are typical of oak barrel ageing, with aromas of ripe fruit.
Taste: Full-bodied fruitiness with ripe fruits and sweet tannins balanced with notes of sugar-roasted beans from the barrel ageing. A rounded wine with a long aftertaste.

Ideally wine to beef, grilled food, casseroles, mutton, lamb and cured cheese.


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