Sette Vigne


Un raffinato insieme di sette Vigni Puramente Italiani.

Sette Vigne is a lovely and totally unique, one of a kind blend of the seven most noble indigenous grape varieties in Italy, from the seven major wine regions in Italy. The grapes are selected from low-yielding vineyards in the respective areas of production: Corvina from the heart
of the Valpolicella Classico region in the province of Verona, northern Italy; Primitivo from the Salento area, in
Puglia, southern Italy; Barbera from the province of Alessandria, in Piedmont, northern Italy; Nebbiolo from the
prized Langhe area of Piedmont, northern Italy; Montepulciano from the province of Pescara, in the Abruzzo region
of central Italy; Aglianico from the province of Avellino, in the Campania region of southern Italy; Sangiovese from
the province of Florence, in Tuscany, central Italy.


Grape: Corvina, Primitivo, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Montepulciano, Aglianico, Sangiovese. All in equal amounts – just above

Year: 2011

Origin: Corvina, Nebbiolo, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Barbera, Aglianico, Primitivo

Colour: Ruby-Red

Bouquet: Powerful bouquet reminiscent of red cherries, dried fruit,
chocolate, coffee beans and prunes.

Taste: On the palate it is full-bodied, soft and round, with a pleasant hint of spiciness
and an amazingly long and lingering finish.

Ideally wine to casseroles, mutton, lamb, beef, pork, game and strong cheeses.


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