A Brief History – Long Island Iced Tea

32c9dda8750840b8061705aa74d9ee89Long Island Iced Tea (or also called Long Island Ice Tea) , is a cocktail that belongs to the  long drinks group , is originated in the US but is consumed worldwide. Although its name implies this, it does not contain tea, but it looks like tea because it contains a splash of Coca Cola.

There are numerous legends about the origin of this cocktail. A version according to which  a rich housewife from Long Island  invented it. She have taken only small amounts so her husband wouldn′t notice. For camouflage then she filled the drink with cola. 

Another version is that the Long Island Iced Tea was already conceived earlier during the reclamation by an illegal liquor distiller named Charles Bishoppublished in the Long Island area in Kingsport, Tennessee .The cocktail was then perfected by his son Ransom Bishop . This version, however, was based on whiskey and maple syrup, and varying amounts of the 5 liquors, instead of modern version leading cola and four equal parts of four liquors.

Dale DeGroff  mentioned about a young bartender in Leonard’s, Great Neck-Long Island, New York. The mixture alleged to be invented in the earlys 1976-1979 was found to be prefered especially by younger guests at the wedding parties that was prepared by the senior colleagues who disliked Whiskey Sour. The drink was called Leonard’s Iced Tea and was served in large jugs.

In fact, the Long Island Iced Tea is attributed to Robert C.”Rosebud” Butt, bartender at OBI (Oak Beach Inn), who participated in a cocktail contest in Hampton Bays, New York, competition in which the only rule was to use Triple Sec. Butt’s proceeded to pour almost every hard liquor that came to hand into the glass, and then topped it off with a splash of coke.

The versions for the Long Iceland Iced Tea are numerous. Not always all spirits are included, and instead of real citrus juices and sugar syrup, citrus liqueurs or lemonade are added. For a Long Beach Iced Tea will be cranberry juice used instead Cola. With Red Bull instead Cola you can obtain a Long Iceland Energy and with champagne a Beverly Hills Iced Tea.


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