Basil Grande

Created by bartender Jamie Wilkinson in 2001 at the “Living Room” bar in Manchester, Basil Grande is a deep red cocktail, beautifully combining the sweetness of the forest berries with the dryness of cranberry  and the herbaceous  flavour of basil with a spice kick from the black pepper garnish.This cocktail is one of the most genius drinks of its generation and helped influence some of the modern combinations of flavoured martini’s.

Glass: Cocktail
Method: Shake and double strain
Garnish: Basil leaf and black pepper

2 cl Ketel One Vodka
3 cl Grand Marnier
2 cl Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
5 cl Cranberry juice
3 or 4 Strawberries, depending on size
5 Basil leaves
Twist of black pepper

Muddle the strawberries before adding all of the other ingredients. Shake nice and hard to get the most out of the strawberries. Double strain to a martini glass and float a basil leaf on top with the twist of pepper to garnish.



  • Muddled strawberry is just the right consistency to clog any sort of strainer, and you need something more than just a Hawthorne strainer. The recommended technique is to use a Julep spoon, which was made for keeping fruit matter out of your glassware.
  • Freeze the strawberries, put all the ingredients into a blender with a little ice and blend. This method gives you a refreshing alternative to a mojito, with bits of basil and strawberries to enjoy rather than waste..



  • In the same year and at the same bar, Jimbo Moroney, who attends in a cocktail competition, produced a version of  Jamie Wilkinson´s drink with the same name, only that his recipe didn´t contain vodka.
  • Sophisticated and crisp, Ketel One is a super-premium vodka that’s been made by ten generations of the Nolet family, at their distillery in Schiedam, Holland since 1691.
  •  According to a legend, Chambord was inspired by a luxurious raspberry liqueur produced for King Louis XIV during his visit to Château Chambord in the 17th century.

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