The History Of Cappuccino

Some people say that everything started with an Italian monk, other ones mention about an Austrian soldier, but it seems that cappuccino was born in Vienna and then it arrived in Italy – and was very different from what we drink today.

  • In the 16th century there was an order of monks called “Order of Friars Minor Capuccinos” founded by Ludovico Fossombrone and is popularly known as Capuccinos. The name of the popular drink comes from these monks, as the milk foam is quite resembled the capuccios (hood).



Marco da Aviano

  • It seems that the cappuccino takes its name from a friar of the Capuchin Order, Marco da Aviano , sent in 1683 by the Pope in Vienna with the aim of convincing the European powers to a military coalition against the Turks. Recognized as the savior of Europe from the Muslim danger and beatified in 2006, he seems to be the one who invented the cappuccino while staying in the religious city, it is said, he went into a coffee shop and tasted the coffee. He didn′t like the drink at first because it was too bitter, then to improve the taste with something sweet he added milk. In his honor they call it Kaputziner, cappuccino in Italian.


  • kulczycki

    Jerzy Kulczycki

    Another version from the same year (1683), is that the Turks were on the run from their own camp and abandoned many bags of coffee which was used by the Viennese troops after discovered them. After boiling the beans they see the taste is too bitter, and so they tried to mitigate it with milk and honey – that mix transforms the color of the drink making it simillar to the robe that Capuchin Order friars wear so they baptize the new drink with this name. Among these troops there was a soldier, Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki, the drink inventor and first to open a café.

Of course it was nothing more than a coffee and milk; to get to the cappuccino as we know it we had to wait untill 1901, when Luigi Bezzera patented the first espresso machine.

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