Cocktail Of The Week – Irish Mermaid

Created by the award winning master  Massimo “Max” La Rocca at the “Ohla Boutique Bar” in Barcelona, the Irish Mermaid is balanced, complex and no single component dominates , creates a perfect balance between cherry and almond flavours and wants to highlight the velvet taste of the Irish whiskey combined with the soft bitterness of Aperol. When Max created this cocktail he was working in a bar that was known for its afternoon tea and he was looking for ways to incorporate the drinking of cocktails into the tea drinking-ritual and then decided to serve the Irish Mermaid in a crystal teapot so guests can be curious about it.

The cocktail takes its name from  the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, wherethe Cherry Heering Liqueur is coming

Author: Max La Rocca

3,5 cl Bushmills 16 Year Old
1 cl Cherry Heering
1 cl Aperol
0,5 cl Orgeat
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Orange twist

Pour all the ingredients in a small teapot. Add ice and pour the content into a small container, with enough room for the liquid to move around and to start foaming. Put the liquid back in the teapot and repeat for 5 – 6 times. Garnish with Black Cherries infused in Cherry Heering


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