Moonwalker Cocktail by Hector de la Rosa

In February 2013, Disaronno launched the third edition of its international cocktail competitions, a contest in two major steps, where 14 countries were asked to select their own champion: Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and Belgium!

Hector de la Rosa, bartender at Thon Hotel EU in Brussels, with his masterfully convinced the jury and left them speechless with his cocktail. He created the drink Moonwalker inspired by the film of the same name starring Michael Jackson. His presentation and the timing were exquisitely on the music of “The King of Pop”. Besides the good performance he created a good cocktail who want to magnify the great taste of Disaronno. Unfortunately, he left overturn one of his drinks while serving and that brought him “only” the third place.

Author: Hector de la Rosa

Glass: Cocktail
Method: Shake and strain
Garnish: Pumpkin, beetroot, sugar

2,5 cl Disaronno
4 cl green Chartreuse
3 cl lime juice
1 Egg white
2 teaspoons of spiced jam

Shake all the ingredients for 10 seconds and strain into a small Martini glass. Garnish with pumpkin, beetroot, sugar and a straw.


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