How To Increase Your Wine Sales

The upselling  is an important part of any bar or restaurant’s marketing and sales strategy. In the strictest sense, an “upsell” means convincing guests to have a higher-priced version of something they were already ordering.


Product knowledge is everything when it comes to selling or upselling. The best way to increase wine sales is to develop your sales personnel. Employees who don’t know much about wine are usually hesitant to present the wine list, they are also unprepared to answer any questions from the customers. Suggesting a specific wine can increase the wine sales with 12%.


Study the wine list and the kinds of food you have on the menu with the employees. Research and make a good idea of which of your wines will go best with the dishes. Food and wine pairings can increase the wine sales up to 8%.


Most restaurants have a “house wine” in addition to all the branded wines they offer. This is not a wine specially created by or for the house, or specially selected for guests. Usually this is a cheap wine which the restaurant can sell for moderate prices and make huge profits.


I believe that it is mandatory for bars and restaurants to offer some wines by the glass. It is a good option for people who prefer different wines, and also for those who are on a budget. If they like it, they will buy it again and your profit by the glass is higher than a full bottle sale.


If you do not understand what your customers are drinking, it makes it difficult to properly implement an upsell program for your staff. For example, in the airport restaurants you can easily talk to the customers from different countries about their favorite region or type of wine. However, lots of passengers are drinking because they are scarred of flying or they might be too tired, so don’t make their weknesses to be your profit.


The key in restaurants sales is to offer specifics. Instead of merely asking a customer if he wants medium-bodied or dry wine, suggest a specific brand. Also very important, a waiter/bartender must not order for the guest, the idea of suggestion selling in restaurant is to add food or drink on ordered meal. It is all about add on.


Employees are more likely to try and increase sales if there is something in it for them. Hold contests and offer bonuses for the server or servers who sell the most wines. You can get creative with sports tickets, concert tickets, employee of the month reward or mystery shopper.

Customers expect to pay higher prices for wine when dining out, but they don’t want it thrown in their face. If you try to upsell every bottle you could end up with an annoyed customer, so take wine education another step by adding sales tehniques.

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