Suitable Drinks To Pizza

Pizza has a long, complex and uncertain development which often causes rough debates about its origin. Contrary to all believers who consider that pizza has its birth place in Naples, it’s actually not originated from Italy; similar variants have been discovered in Egypt, Babylon and the Persian Empire. It is known that in Ancient Greece the bread was covered with oil, herbs and cheese. Today pizza is a popular food in many parts of the world but what to drink along with it?

Light, bright and non-alcoholic beers
 are an excellent match for pizza, but not only. For classic cheese pizza, american pale ale has enough bitterness to cut through all the cheese, margherita calls for a nice unfiltered lager while pepperoni pizza is paired well with an american brown ale. Meat lovers pizza goes well with  smoked dark beerhawaiian  with  golden ale  and  olive pizza with saison for spiceness.

When choosing wine to pizza should always pay attention to the ingredients. Pizzas with seafood, anchovies, olives or parmesan can intensify the acid from wine and lead to a metallic taste because of the umami. If the pizza is not spicy  Pinot GrisPinot Blanc or a Chardonnay are perfect. Alternatively you can enjoy a fine fruity red wine too, such as a TrollingerLemberger or Dornfelder 

Sangria, Mojito, Margarita or Caipirinha can be a great choice.

Chilled sparkling wines work well with pizza. The bright acidity of classic sparkling wine makes it a great match for the acidity naturally found in tomatoes and mozzarella.



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