How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker

french-pressEasy to brew and super consistent, the French Press is very reliable. Its classic and well-engineered design hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1929, and it’s perfect for making multiple cups of coffee in just a few minutes. Making coffee with a French press is more art than science and requires a fair amount of precision, from grinding the beans to saturating the coffee with water.

  1. Warm up the press – Warm up your empty French Press by rinsing it with very hot water. This helps maintain the temperature while brewing for best extraction.

  2. Measure and grind – Measure out 56g of coffee and grind it coarse and place it in the coffee press carafe.  WARNING: Use only coarse ground coffee. Fine grind can clog the filter and create high pressure.

  3. Add water – Pour hot (not boiling) water into the pot. Leave a minimum of 2,5 cm of space at the top.

  4. Stir – Stir the brew with a wood spoon so you don’t accidentally crack the glass.

  5. Press – Apply slight pressure on top of the knob to lower the plunger straight down into the pot. Lowering the plunger slowly with minimal pressure produces best results. WARNING: Using excessive force can cause scalding liquid to shoot out of the pot.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

One of the primary benefits of making coffee in a French press is that more of the coffee oils end up in your cup instead of in the machine’s filter. More oils means better taste.

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