Coffee Around The World – Cortado

Café cortado is a coffee specialty in Spain and the name comes from the Spanish verb cortar, which means to cut. This refers to the added hot milk that cuts the acidity of espresso. The preparation of café cortado varies regionally. In Mallorca, the cortado cafe is made from an espresso with hot, frothy milk. In La Palma, the Canary Island, sweetened condensed milk is added, also known as Café cortado leche y leche. The variant in which only sweetened condensed milk is added without frothed milk is called café bombón. Also a Cortado have different names in Catalan (Tallat), in Basque (Ebaki), in French (Noisette) and Garoto in Portugese.

cortado                                     Preparation
The espresso is poured into a 6 cl glass or cup. The cup or the glass should be slightly filled over half. The milk is then heated and foamed in a metal vessel. Then place the frothed milk carefully over the espresso. In the variant café cortado leche y leche, the added sweetened condensed milk it settles to the bottom of the cup or glass. In a perfect preparation you will have 4 layers: the bottom, the sweetened condensed milk, the espresso and the milk on top.

                                   Nutrition Facts

1% of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) = 28 calories



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