Secret Cocktail #2

Everyone who went to visit the Nightjar Bar in London will have probably heard about the talented master mixologist Luca Cinalli. Luca is the mastermind behind the Secret Cocktail #2 served in Nightjar, bar which has earned  the title of the 2nd best bar in the world in 2013. Famed for his magnificent garnishing, Luca Cinalli raised cocktails preparation and serving to the level of a theatrical performance. His cocktails represent a combination of ingredients, tastes and ideas that he gets from  traditions around the world.

AUTHOR: LUCA CINALLIa3125e7db2afdd947e0079874e29c1a1

Glass: Cocktail coupe
Method: Shake and strain

5 cl Calvados
3 cl Eau de vies blend
2 cl Pomelo juice
2 cl Pine syrup
1 pc Egg white

 Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake them well. Pour into a frozen cocktail coupe.


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