Coffee Around The World – Flat White

The  flat white  is a  coffee drink  invented in New Zealand and Australia in 1980 and is prepared by pouring a thin layer of warm milk or steamed milk with small bubbles and a consistency cream over an espresso. The flat white has its origins in  Melbourne, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand. In Melbourne it occurs after the World War II when  the italian imigrants arrived and after the introduction of espresso machines in  1950. The flat white began to be prepared in the Italian cafes where cappuccino was the most popular type of coffee.


Flat White.jpgUse a double shot of espresso with a good layer of cream floating on top (ristretto, because of the high ratio of coffee to milk, you need to avoid any of the bitterness that results from a longer extraction). Use full-fat milk that has been “stretched” and not foamed (never use reduced fat milk for a flat white ). Warm the milk until reaches approximately 60° C. In the later stages of your milk preparation, pull your espresso shot. Bang the bottom of the jug onto a cloth on your counter top to break any air bubbles in the milk and swirl the jug a couple of times and gently pour the milk into the espresso so that the cream from the espresso floats on top of the milk.

       Nutrition Facts

8% of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) = 170 calories

Flat White Nutrition Facts.jpg


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