Prohibition – Russian Empire

On July 30, 1914, the Russian government ordered the mobilization of its army. Some days later a temporary vodka Prohibition went into effect. Army officers, especially those of the highest rank, where under obligation to carry out all measures which will diminish the use of alcoholic drinks in military units under their charge. In every … Continue reading Prohibition – Russian Empire


Prohibition- Canada

Everyone knows about the Prohibition in the United States but a few know that American’s neighbor to the north, Canada, had a Prohibition of its own.

Prohibition – Iceland

In northern European countries liquor control has reflected concern for the prevention of alcoholism. Various cultures differ considerably in their attitudes toward drinking as well as their systems of control. Drunkenness is not strongly condemned, and the drunkard is simply prevented from harming himself or others. Other cultures may show high acceptance of drinking as … Continue reading Prohibition – Iceland