Pâtisserie Du Vin Chardonnay Muscat

Pâtisserie du Vin ( or Pastry Wine ), is a brand of wines from France, rich and fruity and draws on the Tarte Tatin - a traditional French upside down apple tart, as its inspiration. ★★★★☆ Grape: 80% Chardonnay and 20% Muscat Year: 2012 Origin: Badet Clement, France Colour: Pale straw Bouquet: Baked apple, pineapple, butter, cream … Continue reading Pâtisserie Du Vin Chardonnay Muscat



Romania is the world's 11th largest producer of wine and wine production has been several thousands of years in the region.

Wolf Blass White Label

The development of Australia's modern wine industry began in the 1950s, when production was put on from the fortified wine to table wine. The combination of favorable climate, major growing areas and establishments in cooler areas, advanced technology and well-trained winemaker has made Australia associated with both fruity and audience friendly wines

Anselmann Weißburgunder Trocken

Grape: Pinot Blanc Year:  2014 Origin : Pfalz Color: Brilliant yellow with green hues. Bouquet: Quite pronounced fruity, elegant, reminiscent of ripe fruit bouquet with pleasant spicy notes. The typical aroma of a wine from ripe burgundy grapes, fermented and carefully controlled. Taste: Young and refreshing, with considerable fullness of flavor, delicately fruity notes of … Continue reading Anselmann Weißburgunder Trocken