Whisky Review: The Glenrothes Select Reserve

The Glenrothes Select Reserve have the same Glenrothes characteristics, a very warming style that is accompanied by tasteful flavors. Contains characteristics that you can immediately recognize if you are a fan of Glenrothes whisky.


Whisky VS Whiskey

What is the difference between "whisky" and "whiskey" and how we should write it? Is there a real difference between them?

Teerenpeli 10 Year Old Single Malt

Teerenpeli was established in 1995 as a beer Brewery and it has 5 brewery restaurants in cities across Finland. The Distillery was established in 2002 and distils its whisky in traditional copper pot stills manufactured in Scotland, using pure Finnish barley malt and fresh groundwater from the Salpausselkä ridge. Created during the ice age some 10,000 years ago, … Continue reading Teerenpeli 10 Year Old Single Malt