Indigenous Brewing – Tchapalo Millet Beer

Made from fermented millet, Tchapalo is a wonderful and delicious drink from northern Ivory Coast. Produced and consumed by the people of the north, especially the Senoufo, Lobi and Koulango tribes, this drink is now prized by the majority of Ivorians.


Reinheitsgebot – German Beer Purity Law

The Reinheitsgebot, probably the oldest food hygiene regulation, is a law that has its origin in the city of Ingolstadt, county of Bavaria in 1516 and is concerned with the standards for the sale and the composition of beer.

How To Brew Coffee With A Chemex

The Chemex is appreciated by many coffee enthusiasts for its low-tech design, allowance for minute control over the brewing process and the ability to filter out the oils and solids from the coffee. Brewing with Chemex is a very simple process and allows you to improve your knowledge about coffee.

How To Make A Perfect Cappuccino

A perfect cappuccino doesn’t have to be a challenge, yet, baristas at many coffee shops still don’t really know how to prepaire it properly. With these tips in your mind, next time when you order a cappuccino, the things you heer and see will let you know if the barista is getting it right… or wrong!