What Are Wine Tannins?

The dry taste in the mouth which remains after a sip of red wine in the mouth, grape’s seeds, skin and stem comes from the tannins. They are responsible for the bitterness of the red wine and they get more and more attention for their antioxidant properties, which help to prevent degenerative diseases.


Tarapacá +Plus – Organic Red Blend

A top wine made from organically grown grapes, right at the winery of Viña Tarapacá, a wine matured in oak barrels for 14 months and in addition to six months in bottles.

Plaisir De Merle 2012

Plaisir de Merle is a orgeous ruby red with ripe tannins and aromatic red berries, which provide a structure for extended ageing in the bottle. The different wines in the blend were purposefully selected to provide different layers of flavors to increase complexity.

Piedemonte Reserva

Piedemonte was founded in 1993 by several families who have vineyards around Olite, in the center of the wine region Navarra. Piedemonte means 'at the foot of the mountains' because the winery is located where the wide river landscape of the Ebro in northern passes in the mountains. Moreover Piedemonte has developed one of the … Continue reading Piedemonte Reserva