Suitable Drinks To Pizza

Pizza is a popular food in many parts of the world but do you know what to drink along with it?

A Brief History – Champagne

The existence of vineyards in Champagne dates back to the beginning of our era. The Romans were the ones to introduce grape-growing in the Champagne region. They had already identified the originality of the soil that gives Champagne its specificity, a transitional oceanic climate, chalky subsoil and sloping landscape.

Suitable Drinks To Irish Food

It is impossible to look at any aspect of Ireland’s history without dwelling on the Potato Famine in the mid-nineteenth century. This dark and tragic event changed the country irrevocably, killing over a million people and leading many millions more to leave Ireland forever.

Wolf Blass White Label

The development of Australia's modern wine industry began in the 1950s, when production was put on from the fortified wine to table wine. The combination of favorable climate, major growing areas and establishments in cooler areas, advanced technology and well-trained winemaker has made Australia associated with both fruity and audience friendly wines