Coffee Consumption In Finland

Did you know that the Finns are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world? Drinking coffee in Finland it is a ritualized display of hospitality, elegance, and self-restraint in which an abundance of delicate pastries is served.

A Brief History: Coffee In England

Coffee was hardly known in Europe before the seventeenth century and did not come via a direct route from Africa, but found its way to Britain through Mediterranean trade routes with the Muslim world. Queen Elizabeth I opening up diplomatic relations with her new-found Moroccan and Ottoman friends, establishing good trading relations and sea-faring agreements. … Continue reading A Brief History: Coffee In England

The Early Days Of Coffee In France

The earliest reference to coffee in France is to be found in the simple statement that Onorio Belli (Bellus), the Italian botanist and author, in 1596 sent to Charles de l'Écluse (1526–1609), a French physician, botanist and traveler, "seeds used by the Egyptians to make a liquid they call cave.