Decanting The Wine

Decanting a wine means to transfer the contents from the bottle to a glass recipient. The reason is either to enhance the quality or drinkability of a wine or to give it a better appearance.


Sugar And Calories In Wine

A glass of wine a day is healthy. But do you ever think about how much sugar is in the wine you drink? Without knowing it, many people ingest more sugar by drinking wine than they put in their coffee.

What Are Wine Tannins?

The dry taste in the mouth which remains after a sip of red wine in the mouth, grape’s seeds, skin and stem comes from the tannins. They are responsible for the bitterness of the red wine and they get more and more attention for their antioxidant properties, which help to prevent degenerative diseases.

The Friday Night Wine – K Of Kapadokia

Anyone who has ever travelled to Cappadocia would was certainly enchanted by its outstanding beauty, and most people are eager to return to the cradle of civilization. The idyllic beauty of Cappadocia, with its striking and historic fairy chimneys and breathtaking Erciyes volcano is irresistible.